Does the Pixel 6a feature the same fingerprint sensor as the 6 and 6 Pro?

Is the Pixel 6a's fingerprint scanner any better?

Although preorders just began today (July 21st), we already know that the Google Pixel 6a fingerprint sensor is better than its predecessor, according to an early video review that came out last month.

When the Google Pixel 6 (opens in a new tab) and Pixel 6 Pro (opens in a new tab) were released, we found the fingerprint sensor to be hit-or-miss. While it worked just fine for some, others found it an irritating and sluggish means of unlocking the phone safely. Over the months since the Pixel 6 was introduced, Google has made multiple upgrades that have improved the speed and functionality of the fingerprint sensor, but it's still not quite as quick or accurate as in-display fingerprint sensors on other phones.

Among the top Android phones (opens in new tab), the great majority now depend on in-display fingerprint scanners to give a biometrically secure manner of unlocking in a sleek and subtle fashion. While the original generation of in-display fingerprint sensors around early 2019 left something to be desired, the technology has evolved monumentally over the last few years and is now equivalent in speed and accuracy to the dedicated fingerprint sensors of yesteryear.

As we predicted, Google learned from the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro's criticism and chose a better fingerprint sensor — not just a new one — for the Pixel 6a. Of course, we'll make the ultimate evaluation when Google launches the phone on July 28, 2022, in 12 countries. You can now preorder the Google Pixel 6a for roughly $449-$499, depending on the vendor.

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