Cloud gaming NVIDIA GeForce Now brings 120FPS support to compatible Android phones

What you must understand is

On all Android phones, NVIDIA GeForce now provides a 120FPS gaming experience.

A 120Hz screen is required for phones in order to benefit from this improved experience.

The higher frame rate will be accessible on GeForce Now's top membership tier, the RTX 3080, starting this week.

online gaming platform. On all Android phones that are suitable, NVIDIA GeForce Now will now provide official support for gaming at 120FPS.

Android phones having a higher than average screen refresh rate will be in NVIDIA's supported range. According to The Verge, only phone displays with a "120Hz" refresh rate will be able to take advantage of the 120FPS gaming experience offered by NIVIDIA GeForce Now. They go on to say that only some of the greatest Android phones, including those from Samsung and Google, used to provide 120FPS experiences with NVIDIA.

Many gamers will tell you that the FPS (frames per second) rate is very important when it comes to gaming. How smoothly the game appears on your display depends on how many frames you're receiving and the refresh rate of your device. The Verge did state that a 60 FPS restriction was previously present on a number of devices. The gaming experience will be improved on devices with a 120Hz screen thanks to NVIDIA GeForce Now's implementation of this new functionality.

It's important to note that the 120FPS functionality will only be accessible via the highest membership level of NVIDIA GeForce Now (opens in a new tab). Members who purchase the "RTX 3080" tier get a GeForce RTX 3080 gaming setup, 120 FPS, and an eight-hour gaming session.

The launch of this brand-new first-person shooter game was confirmed to The Verge this week. They also note the benefit of "playing games from anyplace regardless of your device" that comes with cloud gaming.

This is accurate since you would need a better screen or graphics card for PC gaming. The ability to stream games to your smartphone is a positive step toward improving game enjoyment, but uninterrupted gaming requires a fast internet connection.

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