Top 10 BSc Paramedical Courses

The health industry is one of the most essential sectors which plays a vital part in determining the economy of a nation. Apart from physicians, the need for paramedics, who operate as the backbone of any medical profession, is also significant. Referred to as the “allied health forces”, paramedics give help to physicians, deal with emergency situations, and perform other technical responsibilities.

Paramedics, which comprise professionals like nurses, pharmacologists, therapists, and doctors are the allied health personnel who support a doctor right from obtaining blood samples to suturing wounds to doing lab tests. With an extensive curriculum and professional options, you may concentrate on any of the provided subjects. The average income following Paramedical courses in India is 18,000 INR per month for an entry-level technician profile and goes further up to 50,000 INR per month. Paramedical courses frequently do not need NEET. However, some colleges could require university-specific entry tests.

Top 10 BSc Paramedical Courses

BSc Radiology - 3 years     

BSc in Dialysis Therapy   - 3 years    

BSc Nursing  - 4 years         

BSc in Cardiac/Cardiovascular Technology - 3-4 years

BSc in Medical Lab Technology  - 3 years 

BSc in Anaesthesia - 3 years           

BSc in Medical Record Technology - 3 years              

BSc in Dialysis Technology - 3 years             

BSc Optometry - 3 years  

General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM)  - 3 years