Parapsychology Courses Details

What is Parapsychology?

The name ‘Parapsychology’ is a mix of two words- paranormal and psychology. Paranormal means ‘scientifically unexplainable’ and psychology means ‘study of mind and behavior’. So, parapsychology involves the study of persons who encounter occurrences that cannot be objectively verified. When we speak about anything paranormal, we quickly tie it to ghosts. But praising a formless God is likewise a paranormal action.

The study involves research on reincarnation, near-death experience (NDE), out-of-body experience, lucid dreaming, dream telepathy, and almost every abnormal experience occurring to a human, Psychologists who specialize in research about humans that suffer from the above incidents are called parapsychologists.

Why Study Parapsychology?

Parapsychology has experienced constant growth in the number of specialists although they are mocked as black magicians or wizards/witches. There are some factors that you have to consider before you embark on studying to be a parapsychologist:

Studying the Unknown: Like the debate about what exists on the other side of the black hole is based on hypotheses and little proof, parapsychology, and its tests reach the same result. Paranormal occurrences have not been proven or examined by specialists which imply this topic is open for study prospects.

Criticism: Research into paranormal events is a highly personal experience. What you may experience while being the focus of testing could seem incorrect or ambiguous to a rational individual. You will face a lot of criticism throughout your trip.

Bold and Strong-headed: You have to be brave enough to work in the research lab for a long period and speak with creatures beyond your comfort zone.

The science of parapsychology is very young and provides an exciting potential to be part of events that occur only to a few individuals on Earth. The scope is huge and will witness widespread expansion in the coming years.

Bachelor’s Degree in Parapsychology

There are two options to how you may study parapsychology as an undergraduate only. They are as follows:-

A few colleges internationally like Bircham International University provide a unique bachelor’s degree for students of Parapsychology. You are expected to have 130 academic credits in high school to be eligible for this online, 4-year course. The minimal tuition charge is higher than Rs.3 lakhs every year.

You may take a B.Sc in Psychology and subsequently opt for an M.Sc in Psychology. During your master's, you might opt to concentrate on parapsychology if your institution provides it.

Master’s Degree in Parapsychology

Like a bachelor’s, there are two options for getting a postgraduate degree in parapsychology. They are as follows:

Bircham International University provides a master’s degree as well online for 2 years. The minimal tuition charge is around Rs 4 lakhs each year.
Another alternative might be obtaining a master's in psychology research where you understand all the psychological research techniques. This way you may develop the technical abilities necessary for your Ph.D.

PhD in Parapsychology

You don’t become a parapsychologist until you investigate and experiment in your lab. A ph.D. is a necessity if you wish to become a renowned parapsychologist. Many institutions like the University of Edinburgh offer a Ph.D. Funding assistance is also readily accessible.

Diploma in Parapsychology

Diplomas in parapsychology are relatively infrequently heard about. This is because it is a topic of tremendous knowledge and too wide to be covered in a year-long diploma. Bircham University in Spain provides an online diploma in parapsychology.

Career Scope

Parapsychology is a burgeoning area of psychology. Parapsychologists commit their whole professional lives to test and producing research articles. Therefore, one means of earning is to be engaged in the research departments of educational institutions. They sponsor your study, publish your findings and also offer you appropriate credit as a parapsychologist. You may even publish your work as a book for future pupils.