Meteorology Courses in India

Meteorology Courses in India

Diploma in Meteorology

Bachelor of Science in Meteorology

Masters of Science in Meteorology

B.Tech. Meteorology/Atmospheric Sciences

M.Tech. Meteorology

Ph.D. in Meteorology

As a meteorologist one needs to examine the surroundings, research the weather, and, forecast what would happen next. In terms of significance, meteorology is fairly high on the chart. The weather may create or ruin civilizations, and disrupt or replenish economies. To have a prognosis on what may be momentous for someone’s livelihood, even if it is minimal in accuracy, is crucial none than less. But prediction is not the sole responsibility of a meteorologist, observation and comprehension are just as essential.

Meteorology Job Prospects

  • Meteorology Department in States and Centre
  • Air Crafts and Missile Manufacturers
  • Weather Consulting  Organisations
  • Navy \Air Force
  • Meteorological Research Centre

Job Profile

  • Industrial Meteorologist
  • Physical Meteorologist
  • Research Meteorologist
  • Professor


The salary of a Meteorologist varies on experience and certification. The typical beginning pay of a Meteorologist is in the region of Rs.35,000 to Rs.40,000 per month.