World Vitiligo Day 2022

World Vitiligo Day 2022 Theme

World Vitiligo Day is observed every year on June 25th to honor persons who have vitiligo. It's also a day to raise awareness about this skin illness around the world.

Vitiligo is a condition that results in the loss of pigment cells known as melanocytes. Vitiligo affects as much as 1% of the world's population. While it affects people of all genders and ethnicities, those with darker complexion are more affected. Vitiligo most commonly affects persons in their 20s and 30s.

Vitiligo's early symptoms include:

Graying of the hair on the scalp or brows before their time.

On the interior of the mouth, there is a loss of color.

The retina of the eye changes color.

Vitiligo can affect the skin in any area of the body. Skin depigmentation commonly begins in areas that are exposed to the sun. The hands, arms, and face are among these body components. Vitiligo affects only a few parts of the body for some people. For others, pigment loss is limited to one side of the body. Some people may notice a loss of color throughout their entire body.

World Vitiligo Day

Vitiligo is a skin condition that only affects the skin. It has no negative effects on the body. Vitiligo is more common in people who have autoimmune diseases. Genetics and environmental factors are known to play a role in the development of this skin disease. While there is no cure, there are treatments that can assist to enhance the appearance of the skin.

Clinics and volunteer doctors conduct free skin checks on this day. They also hold open-to-the-public educational events.
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