Medical Lab Technician: Course, Eligibility, Job & Salary

Lab Technician

Blood tests are something that we've all had to go through. It could have been for normal or preventative care. MLTs — Medical Laboratory Technicians – are the technicians who collect samples.

They are aiding the patient care teams from behind the scenes. Let us learn everything we need to know about medicine's unsung heroes.

What Is Medical Laboratory Technology

It is a sub-discipline of paramedicine. Biochemical, pathological, and microscopic studies of cells, tissues, and bodily fluids are all part of medical lab technology. teaches learners skills that will help clinicians design a treatment plan. Currently, MLT course-qualified technologists/technicians do 80% of medical diagnoses in laboratories.

Who is eligible to enroll in the Medical Lab Technology program?

Candidates who want to work in the medical field might enroll in a lab technician program.
You don't have to be a doctor to work in the healthcare industry. This course is for those who want to learn about various methods to contribute to the healthcare industry and people's well-being.
It's an excellent course to take if you want to give back to your community.

What Are the Duties of a Medical Laboratory Technician?

A qualified technologist is capable of performing a wide range of clinical tests as well as operating sophisticated, modern equipment. Medical lab technicians are responsible for the following tasks;

Executing processes for obtaining body fluid samples, as well as evaluating and analyzing such fluids.

Examining various body tissues, sample gathering and preparation methods, and microscopic examination.

Examining various blood cells and identifying abnormalities or pathology within them.

Biochemistry tests are used to determine blood composition, hormones, enzymes, and medication levels.

Blood grouping and cross-matching in the case of emergency or trauma.

Microbiologically identifying a variety of infections that harm the human body. Infections are caused by a variety of viruses, bacteria, and other organisms.

Medical lab technicians/technologists frequently collaborate with other healthcare professionals.

Admissions to the Medical Laboratory Technology Program

  • A certificate program (CMLT) with a six-month duration is available.
  • The diploma program (DMLT) is a one-year curriculum.
  • A two-year advanced diploma program in medical laboratory technology (ADMLT).
  • The bachelor's degree in medical laboratory technology (BMLT) is a three-year curriculum.
  • A one-year online diploma in medical laboratory technology is available.

Eligibility for the Lab Technician Course

There are a few admissions requirements that are practically universal for degree and certificate programs. You must have completed Class 12 to enroll in DMLT, ADMLT, or B.Sc. MLT.
In most Indian institutes, a score of 50% or higher is considered okay.

Salary for Medical Lab Technicians

Technicians at the trainee level can work in a laboratory or a hospital right away. They can make anywhere from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 every month.
The government is a model employer, paying salaries ranging from Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per month.
Leading hospitals and laboratories in the country offer a comparable compensation range, with senior technicians earning more than Rs 40,000. Furthermore, many firms provide healthcare coverage and other benefits to their employees.

Medical Laboratory Technology Textbook

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