Manual Of ETO Sterilizer Method

Operation Of EO Sterilizer (Manually)

NOTE; Before the Start of the ETO Sterilizer check the Air Line Valve/ compressors are "ON" and that the Vacuum Pump Discharge Pipeline connects to the OverHead of the Building through a PVC Pipe or Keep In water fill Bucket.

1. Keep the Auto / Manual Switch In the MANUAL Position

2. Now the Temperature meter Shows Present Temp. After some time chamber Temp.
    achieve at buG. temperature LED indicator "OFF".

3. open Door Kept ETO Packed Material In Chamber. Closed the door by Leaver
Lock. Switch "ON" VAGOUM Switch, Now Vacuum Create In Chamber Show
Pressure Gauge. when it Comes to -22 psi. Switch the "OFF" Vacuum switch.

4. Then Wait For 10/15 Min. Leak Test Position. After Completion Of The Leak Test

5. Switch the "ON" Water Spray SWitch for only 3 Seconds, then Switch "OFF Water
Spray switch. ( Please carefully spray water for ONLY 3 Second )

6. Thereafter Wait in Vacuum Position for another 15 minutes for Humidified Period.
After finishing Humidified Period. Switch "ON VACUUM Switch for achieving -
22 psi Vacuum in Chamber. After Achieving of Vacuum in Chamber "OFF"

7. Then Switch on Cylinder DOWN Switch (11) for 10 Seconds, so EO Cartage
Broken in Chamber. (In this position Check Air Line Valve is Open.) Then Switch
"OFF" Cylinder DOWN Switch (11) and Switch "ON" Cylinder UP Switch

8. Now Chamber pressure slowly Comes Down, Wait for the EO Explorer Period
Minimum 180-240 Minutes. In this position, Chamber pressure comes down just
near "0 psi.

10. After finishing the Eo Explorer period.

11. Switch "ON" VACUUM Sitch tilled vacuum Create up to -22 psi. then Switch
"OFF" VACUUM Switch and Switch "ON" VACUUM BREAK Switch up to
Chamber Pressure Gauge show at 4 psi. (This Process is Call Air Wash

12. Repeat this Air VWash Process Minimum of 15-20 times.

13. After completion of the Air Wash Process "ON" Vacuum Break Switch up to
Chamber Comes at o psi Pressure.

14. Then open the door and take out the Material For Use or storage.

Before Open the door confirm Cylinder UP Switch is "ON" 

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